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What is it?

ManPad is a man reader (yep, UNIX man) for your iPad. It can be used to read a manpage on an external screen rather than on your busy laptop’s small screen. Or you can use it on the go, if you need to study a few system calls (seriously, I needed that a few days ago!).

See below for screenshots.

Where to get it?

Nowhere yet, but it should be available on the iOS app store within a few weeks. Follow me on twitter if you wish to be notified when it’s made available.

(Price) That’s free!

Seriously :)


These are screenshots from the very first usable version, where you can only search and display pages. The current development is focused on readability, responsiveness and overall usability.

In case you wonder, this application uses both APServiceBox and webmanner.

Roadmap: what’s next?

Among the features that I would like to implement:

  • Add links to other manpages in the “See also” section
  • Keep track of recently open manpages, for easier re-access
  • Find text in page
  • Page bookmarks
  • A training feature (could be terrific for students ;)

But before releasing the application, I still need to:

  • make an icon (ooooh god… anyone can help?)
  • make a welcome page